About Thai Massage

Thai massage is famous across the world for its ability to open and mobilize the body through pressure point work, stretching, and rhythmic rocking. The massage takes place on on the floor atop a thick mat. No oil is used, so clients remain clothed in light, flexible garments. Thai pajamas are available for your convenience and comfort. All of our services begin with a relaxing foot bath and end with a hot towel application.

Thai Massage Starter

60 MINUTES $90

If you are new to Thai massage, we invite you to experience our one hour Thai Massage Starter (although we strongly recommend booking at least a 90 minute massage, especially if you are tall, muscular, or especially stiff). During your massage, your therapist will apply pressure with thumbs, palms, hands, elbows, knees and feet to manipulate and stretch you in order to release energy along your meridians (known as “Sen” lines in Thai).  The stretching techniques during Thai massage are similar in benefits to those of Yoga. You will end your massage feeling simultaneously relaxed and invigorated.


Thai Massage Therapeutic

90 MINUTES $130 

Thai massage moves slowly and methodically along the body’s meridians, gradually opening energy channels, softening muscles, and realigning joints. Ninety minutes helps the client to relax more deeply, and it affords the therapist time to provide a truly therapeutic experience adapted to the specific needs of the body. Many clients say they feel tall and energized after their massage.


Thai Massage Experience

120 MINUTES $180 

In Thailand, massage is considered a branch of traditional Thai medicine and most massages last for two hours or more. During a two hour massage, therapists have time to work the meridians multiple times; with each pass, the work penetrates more deeply into the tissue, clearing the blockages that make the body feel tight and heavy.


Thai Massage Bliss

180 MINUTES $270 

For connoisseurs of Thai massage, our Thai Massage Bliss is the ultimate Thai massage experience, allowing ample time to target trouble spots with therapeutic pressure, stretching, and joint mobilization.



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